Driver Training

Driver training at MIRA is special because of our deep understanding of vehicle dynamics founded on fundamental design principles and systems knowledge. That’s why MIRA is firmly established as the leading training establishment providing expert driver training to the global motor industry and the emergency services.

Courses exploit the “Experiential Learning Cycle” and include in-depth review of the function, benefits and limitations of modern chassis control systems. 1-on-1 training running on calibrated friction surfaces provides repeatable vehicle dynamics and the optimum learning environment.

Only MIRA provides training by professionally qualified subject-matter experts, in a range of specially adapted vehicles, using a combination of high and low friction surfaces. There’s only one reason why the world’s leading engineers and test drivers use MIRA for training - because it’s the best training there is.

Driver training is fun and exciting for individuals, but we should not overlook the important implications for business. Department for Transport figures suggest driver training typically generates a 15% increase in fuel economy; and evidence of a planned training programme is critical in light of the ‘Corporate Manslaughter Act’.

Automotive Test Drivers

MIRA’s driver training programme is widely recognised throughout the industry. Evidence of driver training by MIRA satisfies and exceeds the access requirements for many European proving grounds.

As all MIRA’s trainers are ex-development engineers we know that a fundamental understanding of vehicle behaviour is necessary for expert subjective appraisals.

Accurate repeatable driving, in all circumstances, provides the platform to capture the reliable objective data needed for efficient development. Precise and controlled driving also reduces the need to repeat tests, enabling faster schedules and lower costs.

Risk mitigation is also key. In the early stages of vehicle development when prototypes are scarce, avoidable vehicle damage from untrained drivers can have significant implications on the development schedule. Just some of the reasons why so many leading automotive brands work with MIRA.

Emergency Services Driver Training
Practising cornering technique.

MIRA has developed a bespoke training programme for drivers of emergency service vehicles. Courses address both fundamental vehicle dynamics and driving style, to culture a smooth and progressive approach that aids response times. Drivers learn how to avoid prematurely invoking electronic stability control, whilst gaining a greater insight into how systems affect limit handling characteristics in a number of common scenarios. MIRA also ensures that defensive driving techniques are understood and adhered to.

Working directly with the service’s own driver training units, MIRA is also able to spread best-practice and accurate information regarding performance enhancing vehicle technology.