Motorsport Engineering

Honda's BTCC team testing at HORIBA MIRA.

HORIBA MIRA’s design and development expertise is the secret ingredient in many race winning formulas.

Whether you need to optimise a single component, or design an entire race car, HORIBA MIRA is on hand with a proven track record at the highest levels of professional motorsport including: F1, GP2, F3, WRC, Le Mans, WTCC, BTCC, DTM and Land Speed Records.

Every aspect of vehicle development has a specialist team dedicated to maximising performance. You can tap into HORIBA MIRA’s powerful resources in complete confidentiality and be certain that you are dealing with the best engineers and scientists available.

What’s more, we understand how precious time is. Whether it’s a split second on track, or the development race back at the factory; time is paramount. That’s why we produce rapid results in the timescales you need by fusing simulation and test in a single secure location in the heart of Motorsport Valley.

  • Motorsport Aerodynamics

    Motorsport Aerodynamics image

    MIRA has been at the forefront of vehicle aerodynamics for over five decades. With our expertise in CFD modelling combined with the largest full scale wind tunnel in the UK, we are able to offer the motorsport industry a complete aerodynamic design and test package.


  • Roll Cage Design

    Roll Cage Design image

    MIRA is the sole provider of roll cage approval in the UK. This position was attained through FIA approval of our simulation procedures. The FIA approval involved predicting the performance of roll cage designs by simulation and comparing these simulations against real world test results.


  • Test Tracks for Hire

    Test Tracks for Hire image

    Only from the air can you appreciate the sheer scale of MIRA’s 760 acre proving ground and the number of specialist test tracks available for testing and developing vehicles. To drive around every leg of each of the 24 circuits you travel over 95km, which is why MIRA is widely regarded as the benchmark vehicle development facility worldwide. 


  • Full Scale Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel

    Full Scale Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel image

    MIRA has the UK’s only full scale aerodynamic wind tunnel providing a cost-effective solution for aerodynamic test and development for a wide range of applications from automotive vehicle development, motorsport, aerospace, wind engineering, structures and sport sectors to name but a few. 


  • Kinematics & Compliance Facility

    Kinematics & Compliance Facility image

    The Kinematics and Compliance (K&C) Facility at MIRA is now well established as the only twin axle SPMM (Suspension Parameter Measuring Machine) in the UK and is still the benchmark design for such rigs. More than 1200 vehicles have been tested in over 15 years, ranging from F1 cars to minibuses.


  • Corrugations

    Corrugations image

    The surface corrugations are ideal for testing suspensions, damping, mountings, and components.




  • Cross Country Circuit

    Cross Country Circuit image

    The cross country circuit is ideal for testing all off-road vehicle types.



  • Handling & Stability Circuit

    Handling & Stability Circuit image

    The handling and stability circuit is particularly appropriate for tyre and chassis development, and pushing vehicles to their handling limit.



  • High Speed Circuit

    High Speed Circuit image

    The high speed circuit is ideal for conducting durability, emissions, braking and NVH testing.



  • Inner Durability Circuit

    Inner Durability Circuit image

    The inner durability circuit is ideal for durability testing, brake testing, and tyre development.



  • Noise Generating Surfaces

    Noise Generating Surfaces image

    The noise generating surfaces are ideal for NVH development and testing.



  • Pave & Water Splash

    Pave & Water Splash image

    The pave surface is ideal for chassis, suspension, mountings and components durability testing and development.



  • Proving Ground Special Features

    Proving Ground Special Features image

    The proving ground has a comprehensive range of worldwide road features to test your vehicle.



  • Resonance Road

    Resonance Road image

    The resonance road is ideal for conducting accelerated structural durability testing.




  • Steering Pad

    Steering Pad image

    The steering pad is ideal for conducting vehicle roll-over testing.




  • Straight Line Wet Grip

    Straight Line Wet Grip image

    The straight-line wet grip surfaces are ideal for developing tyres, braking systems (ABS) and traction control (ASR).




  • Test Hills

    Test Hills image

    The test hills are ideal for conducting handbrake and clutch abuse tests.



  • Twin Horizontal Straights & Stone Road

    Twin Horizontal Straights & Stone Road image

    The twin horizontal straights are ideal for performance and coast down work. While the Stone Road is suitable for underbody protection.




  • Wading Troughs

    Wading Troughs image

     The wading troughs allow for full vehicle water ingress testing, and the evaluation of brakes, components and electrical systems under extreme wet conditions.



  • Wet Handling & Cornering Facility

    Wet Handling & Cornering Facility image

    The wet handling and cornering facility is ideal for developing, tyres, braking systems (ABS) and traction control (ASR).