Low Carbon Vehicle Engineering

Gevco electric vehicle.

HORIBA MIRA is developing smart technologies that will meet the global challenges for competitive and sustainable low carbon vehicles. Around the globe, pressure to reduce vehicle emissions and improve efficiency is mounting and HORIBA MIRA has the expertise to develop the key technologies of low carbon vehicle engineering:

  • Hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV) systems
  • Optimised Powertrain systems
  • Thermal management systems
  • Weight reduction
  • Aerodynamic optimisation

Meeting the low carbon vehicle engineering challenge is at the core of HORIBA MIRA’s research programmes and is integrated across our whole vehicle engineering process. As a result the vehicles designed and developed in conjunction with HORIBA MIRA not only benefit from impressive energy efficiency and reduced emissions but exhibit improved performance and often incorporate additional desirable features.

  • Low Carbon Technologies Definition

    Low Carbon Technologies Definition image

    At the concept engineering and technology definitions stage MIRA assess the customer’s requirements and offers a tailored package of work to cover the aspirations of our global client base.



  • Low Carbon Engineering Development

    Low Carbon Engineering Development image

    The engineering design and development team can deliver complex solutions to customer specifications working in all areas of low carbon vehicle engineering including Design for Assembly (DFA) and Design for Manufacture (DFM) .



  • Full Scale Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel

    Full Scale Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel image MIRA has the UK’s only full scale aerodynamic wind tunnel providing a cost-effective solution for aerodynamic test and development for a wide range of applications from automotive vehicle development, motorsport, aerospace, wind engineering, structures and sport sectors to name but a few.


  • Crash Laboratory

    Crash Laboratory image

    Over 50 years of involvement in crash testing research and development has enabled MIRA to become a centre of excellence in safety development.
    Working with customers from all around the world we are able to deliver all types of crash testing and supporting services to meet and certify to Euro NCAP, European, U.S and other worldwide safety standards.


  • Low Carbon EMC Engineering

    Low Carbon EMC Engineering image

    MIRA EMC has the expertise to test electric hybrid and electric vehicles whilst in a RLS (Road Load Simulation) test mode to ensure a worst-case condition.
    We can also test to the requirements of the EMC directive 2004/108/EC which will also apply to vehicles that plug into the domestic or industrial power supplies. The requirements form the basis of a CE mark and MIRA can act as the notified body for this type of requirement.


  • innovITS ADVANCE facility

    innovITS ADVANCE facility image

    The innovITS ADVANCE facility based at MIRA provides a safe, comprehensive and fully controllable purpose built 'cityscape' test track environment to develop, validate and demonstrate new ITS innovations.