Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

With road transport accounting for more than 90% of UK domestic mobility, the requirement for safe, secure and environmentally friendly transport has never been greater.

Our independent experts draw upon unparalleled vehicle engineering experience to solve these global transport sustainability challenges. By helping our clients in the automotive sector to develop intelligent and connected vehicles, we’re making sure journeys of the future are safer, efficient and more convenient.


MIRA's Network Guided Vehicle

Systems Optimisation and Integration Support

As time progresses modern vehicles are becoming ever more complex, with more than 40% of their material costs consisting of embedded electronic systems alone. This presents an exponentially increasing number of major challenges for OEMs and the supply chain alike, as they continue to develop systems to improve safety, efficiency and convenience.

We work closely in partnership with our customers to support them throughout the development of these advanced new systems, helping to optimise and integrate them into vehicle platforms. 

Our breadth of experience in vehicle engineering, from safety development to functional safety, test and validation has meant we have become the partner of choice for developing Intelligent Mobility solutions including intelligent and connected vehicles. 

The work we carry out for customers is supported by our world class control systems capability and is backed by our City Circuit facility - Europe’s most advanced dedicated proving ground for the secure development and validation of intelligent and connected vehicles.


We help our customers to:

• Define
• Design
• Build
• Validate and test
their intelligent and connected vehicles

Our core competencies in the development of intelligent and connected vehicles include:

We combine our core competencies in
connectivity, intelligence and automotive
cyber security to enhance safety in
intelligent and connected vehicles.
Automotive cyber security


Co-operative Vehicle and Infrastructure Systems

In order to support our customers' needs for a broad range of applications, we have a living laboratory dedicated to vehicle in the loop (VehIL) development and validation with a particular focus on intelligent and connected vehicle technologies, products and services.

Our Intelligent Mobility expertise supports holistic and cost effective product development in:
• Connected vehicles
• Transport centric telematics
• Advanced driver and rider assist technologies
• Autonomous vehicles


Co-operative Systems Innovation

Our European based City Circuit provides a safe, comprehensive and fully controllable connected city environment dedicated to the testing, validation and demonstration of co-operative systems in an urban and sub-urban environment.

The City Circuit represents a major step forward for the automotive supply chain, digital industries and road transport infrastructure providers engaged in the development and validation of vehicles integrated with their environment. Customers use the facility either as part of a HORIBA MIRA supported Intelligent Mobility development programme, or hire it on an individual basis for testing and development.  

Key features of HORIBA MIRA's City Circuit include:


  • Road layouts designed to simulate an urban driving environment
  • 2km outer circumference of test track
  • Multi-lane highways over 300m in length
  • Multiple road surfaces
  • Network of junctions and intersections
  • Full ‘urban’ road markings
  • Bi-directional traffic flow
  • Power ducting and access points across the entire track
  • User-defined traffic signals
  • Catwalk style gantries allowing installation of specific technologies

Communications and positioning
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n (Wi-Fi)
  • IEEE 802.11p (5.9GHz band allocated for V2V and V2I in Europe and North America)
  • GSM/GPRS/3G cellular network
  • Ground truth positioning (3D motion capture system)
  • GNSS denial
  • NOW Wireless Mesh 4G
  • Centralised control system

Simulating the real world
  • Communications access and denial
  • Simulation of large volumes of mobile communications traffic
  • Advanced navigation services
  • Urban canyon simulation
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications
  • Urban traffic management and control

Validating co-operative systems
  • Advanced driver assistance systems
  • Co-operative active safety
  • Road sign detection
  • Intersection safety systems
  • Autonomous vehicle systems
  • Driver behaviours
  • EMC & Electrical Testing

    EMC & Electrical Testing image

    To support vehicle electrical system development activities MIRA operates a number of EMC and electrical test laboratories. Our capabilities include Electrical testing of components and vehicles such as full load analysis, thermal rise checks and insulation resistance measurements. Our EMC test capabilities provide component and vehicle sign off to ISO 17025 quality standards.


  • Functional Safety

    Functional Safety image Functional safety is an essential part of system safety engineering. Our experienced team of functional safety experts work closely with vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers to help them develop dependable electronic systems for vehicles that are less likely to function incorrectly.


  • Intelligent Mobility City Circuit

    Intelligent Mobility City Circuit image

    The Intelligent Mobility City Circuit facility based at MIRA provides a safe, comprehensive and fully controllable purpose built 'cityscape' test track environment to develop, validate and demonstrate new Intelligent Mobility innovations.


  • EMC Component Testing Facilities

    EMC Component Testing Facilities image

     MIRA Component and sub-system testing facilities are accredited for all major vehicle manufacturers test schedules through the automotive EMC laboratory recognition program (AEMCLERP) as well as all the automotive directives.


  • EMC Vehicle Testing Facilities

    EMC Vehicle Testing Facilities image

    MIRA EMC Engineering is an accredited facility to a ISO17025 standard via UKAS. Our vehicle test facilities are approved for all major vehicle manufacturers test schedules through the Automotive EMC Laboratory Recognition Program (AEMCLERP) as well as being an NPIA approved test facility.