Defence Vehicle Engineering

HORIBA MIRA is a leading independent engineering company specialising in delivering automotive technology to the defence sector. HORIBA MIRA’s capabilities cover whole vehicle design, integration, testing and certification. Providing our defence customers with a high degree of flexibility HORIBA MIRA can operate as a straightforward test-house through to a prime contractor responsible for the design, development engineering and low-volume vehicle build, and has demonstrated its ability to respond to urgent operational requirements of varying size and complexity.

To support engineering activities HORIBA MIRA has over 39 major test facilities including EMC, climatic chambers, vibration testing facilities, vehicle dynamics facilities and a comprehensive proving ground with over 80 km of different types of tracks and features. HORIBA MIRA also has almost two acres of secure workshops and associated office space, secure facilities and IT networks accredited by the UK MOD, and subject matter expertise in all areas of vehicle technology.

HORIBA MIRA has globally renowned expertise in chassis systems, advanced hybrid powertrains, electrical systems, power management and unmanned and autonomous ground vehicles.

The defence engineering customer base includes UK MOD, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and NP Aerospace.


    NIMR RIV image Launched by UAE-based NIMR Automotive, a subsidiary of Emirates Defense Industries Company (EDIC), MIRA’s engineers developed RIV as an ultra high-mobility, lightweight and rapidly deployable platform that complies with international military standards. RIV was produced in response to evolving industry trends and an increase in demand for specialised vehicles with greater crossover of mission requirements and capabilities. 


  • PANAMA remote control IED detection

    PANAMA remote control IED detection image

    Whilst military vehicles often have specific and unique attributes and requirements, the fundamental traditional role of vehicle engineering remains paramount in ensuring successful mission completion. Whether delivering supplies, weapons or personnel, military vehicles rely heavily on cutting-edge vehicle engineering to get the job done quickly, safely and effectively.


  • Programme Assurance

    Programme Assurance image

    The MIRA Programme Management Process (PMP) has evolved from historical MIRA business and market experiences, modified and updated to reflect PRINCE 2 practices, commonly used product development systems in the automotive industry, and compliance with UK MOD defence standards.



  • Vehicle Systems Integration

    Vehicle Systems Integration image

    MIRA has extensive experience of Electronic Systems integration of modules such as ABS, ECU, HVAC units, using CAN based architecture for automotive platforms. MIRA understands that automotive electrical systems and components must operate safely and without errors. Tuning and finding errors in complex automotive electronics systems is an increasingly difficult challenge which MIRA are familiar in solving.


  • Defence Vehicle Testing

    Defence Vehicle Testing image

    As an independent test centre the MIRA facilities and capability are among the best in the world. MIRA offers bespoke military test programmes from simple rig based component testing, through systems testing to whole vehicle testing, across the full range of performance requirements and validation.



  • Climatic Wind Tunnels

    Climatic Wind Tunnels image

    MIRA has two state of the art climatic wind tunnels (CWTs). These facilities allow our customers to test their products under a wide range of wind speeds while exposed to different global environmental conditions. This enables customers development time-scales to be further compressed, delivering 'right first time' products into markets faster and more cost effectively than their competitors.


  • EMC Defence Testing Facilities

    EMC Defence Testing Facilities image

    MIRA Defence EMC testing facilities meet the full requirements for the Def Stan 59-411 and MIL-STD. MIRA is also perfectly placed to support any CE marking requirements of defence systems ensuring the most efficient route to compliance.


  • HyGe Laboratory

    HyGe Laboratory image

    The HyGe sled facility is a key part of MIRA’s safety offering. It provides safety related testing services to numerous worldwide customers across an ever increasing range of sectors.



  • EMC Component Testing Facilities

    EMC Component Testing Facilities image

    MIRA Component and sub-system testing facilities are accredited for all major vehicle manufacturers test schedules through the automotive EMC laboratory recognition program (AEMCLERP) as well as all the automotive directives.


  • Combined Environment Testing

    Combined Environment Testing image

    MIRA's combined environment facilities enable tests combining cyclic temperature, humidity, solar loading and shock/vibration to be run according to a customer’s exact requirements.



  • Vehicle Environmental Test Chambers

    Vehicle Environmental Test Chambers image

    MIRA's whole-vehicle environmental test chambers are for extreme temperature testing with humidity and solar loading options. MIRA's twin chambers accommodate two passenger cars separately or, when linked together, one commercial vehicle.



  • Vehicle Proving Ground

    Vehicle Proving Ground image

    MIRA’s proving ground is one the largest, most comprehensively specified and truly independent automotive proving grounds in the world. Located in the Midlands, at the heart of the UK Automotive cluster, MIRA offers every kind of global driving challenge from one location in complete safety and security.


  • Durability Test Laboratory

    Durability Test Laboratory image

    The Components test lab is equipped with a vast range of test equipment to assess the performance of your product. Our aim is to provide rigorous assessment, of the fitness for purpose of the product, over its intended lifetime.


  • Body Structures Laboratory

    Body Structures Laboratory image

    Alongside MIRA’s dynamic and durability test facilities our Body Structures Laboratory conducts testing for all aspects of safety and development for vehicle seating.