Certification & Homologation


HORIBA MIRA is experienced in a wide range of certification and homologation services for automotive and non-automotive products. In its role as a technical service provider for the UK VCA, Dutch RDW and Irish NSAI type approval bodies in a variety of type approval directives, HORIBA MIRA is able to offer a diverse range of services to the automotive sector seeking type approval on a global stage for its products.

Our type approval expertise covers all vehicles from:

  • Minibuses
  • Passenger cars
  • Coaches
  • Buses
  • Light commercial vans and trucks
  • Small to large trailers
In addition to global knowledge of on and off-road vehicle type approval.

With this diversity of knowledge in a wealth of commercial sectors, HORIBA MIRA is well versed in the assessment of a range of vehicles and equipment to the essential requirements of the type approval and CE marking directives. This has also extended pre-Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) inspections for niche vehicle customers.

This diversity of type approval knowledge means HORIBA MIRA can also offer a consultancy service in advising any customers of the necessary steps to type approval and certification including quality management or conformity of production issues. MIRA can also offer consultancy advice in the ever changing world of type approval or CE marking legislation from one off legislation searches to regular updates on legislation changes.
  • European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval

    European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval  image European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval has been introduced to harmonise automotive related legislation throughout the European Community. The Type Approval framework directive (2007/46/EC) only applies to new (pre-registration) vehicles.


  • Commercial Vehicle Type Approval

    Commercial Vehicle Type Approval image By October 2014, Type Approval will be mandatory
    for almost all Commercial Vehicles in the UK and Europe. Without approval, sale and registration will not be possible.


  • Bus & Coach Type Approval

    Bus & Coach Type Approval image Type Approval is mandatory for almost all Buses and Coaches in the UK and Europe. Without approval, sale and registration is not possible.


  • Trailer Type Approval

    Trailer Type Approval image Since October 2012, Type Approval has been mandatory for almost all light and heavy duty Trailers in the UK and Europe. Without approval, sale and registration is not possible.