Aircraft Seat Engineering & Certification 

Seat vibration testing with temperature and humidity.

MIRA is experienced in environmental and vibration testing to simulate in-service conditions and in particular the forces experienced during take-off and landing, and periods of extreme turbulence.

MIRA can manage complete seat certification programmes on pilot, crew and passenger seats for both civil and military applications and on first class Ottoman sleeper seats. Physical test programmes can be supported by design and simulation programmes to ensure optimum product design and best performance under test conditions. Capability also exists for the testing of galley equipment and cabin interior fittings.

Dynamic seat testing is conducted in line with Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) Standards for Emergency Landing Conditions: Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR)

  • JAR 25.562 - 14G Test, 16G Test and Head Injury Criterion (HIC) Test
  • JAR 25.561 – Upwards 3G, Forward 9G, Sideward 3G and 4G on seats and downward 6G and Rearward 1.5G

MIRA also has experience in various other test activities relating to aircraft seat testing and complete seat certification test programmes including:

  • Temperature / humidity tests
  • Environmental test
  • Cyclic durability of adjustment systems
  • Fluid susceptibility
  • Salt spray
  • Altitude
  • Fungus
  • EMC
  • Static seat testing
  • Head form impact testing including “bowling ball test”
  • Durability testing: “Bouncing Betty” and “Squirming Irma”
  • Airbag testing
  • Seat belt and seat reel testing