Aerospace Component Testing

MIRA's extensive engineering expertise has allowed for the development of environmental and vibration test solutions covering a wide range of aerospace products.  Examples of products MIRA has experiencing in testing are:

  • Bleed air valves
  • Icing valves
  • Hydraulic actuators and valves
  • Aircraft instrumentation systems
  • Pilot breathing and cooling systems
  • Composite products including wing structures
  • Canopy seals for military aircraft applications

The above is a representative overview of aerospace products under test, the complete list of case studies is extensive with new products and applications constantly being added.  However, the major test capabilities and facilities utilised for aerospace testing include:

  • Environmental testing
  • Combined environmental and vibration chambers
  • Multi-axis combined environmental and vibration chambers
  • Vibration testing
  • Thermal shock chambers
  • Other facilities include - dust chambers, corrosion chambers, EMC, aerodynamic wind tunnels and climatic wind tunnels