Autonomous Vehicle Test and Development Symposium

Event: Autonomous Vehicle Test and Development Symposium
Date: 5th - 7th June 2018
Location: Messe Stuttgart, Germany
Presenter: Dr Roberto Ponticelli Chief Engineer - Intelligent Mobility 

Real challenges for simulation in verification and validation of AVs

The ever-increasing usage of virtual design, verification and validation (vDV&V) tools is supported by a sound base of successful case-studies across most engineering and scientific areas (e.g. medicine, aerospace and automotive). Nevertheless, there exists a risk of false sense of safety when the tools used on vDV&V of safety-related systems are not well understood, particularly in highly-complex systems like autonomous vehicles (AV). This talk will address how the modelling methods, physical data and correlation, design and test traceability and coverage, operational boundaries, dynamic environments, Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), scenarios annotation and generation, and other key parameters shape the challenge for AV vDV&V.