Self Driving Track Days

Event: Self Driving Track Days
Date: 10 July 2018
Location: Daytona Milton Keynes, UK
Workshop Leader: Madeline Cheah, Senior Cybersecurity Analyst, HORIBA MIRA

Initial agenda:

Introduction to automotive cybersecurity
  • Challenges
  • State of the art (vehicles)
  • State of the future 
  • Current legislation and regulation
  • Introduction to J3061
  • Cybersecurity and autonomous vehicles
Overview: Vehicles are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with an attendant rise in complexity and connectivity. With the advent of demonstrated attacks, it has become important to ensure that the vehicle is as resilient as possible, not only from a safety perspective, but also a cybersecurity perspective. This workshop will explore some of the challenges in the industry, as well as learn about what measures are currently in place.