Automotive Safety Case Development

Automotive Safety Case Development

We are pleased to offer a one-day open public training course on Automotive Safety Case Development. ISO 26262 calls for the development of a safety case, which it defines as an “Argument that the safety requirements for an item are complete and satisfied by evidence compiled from work products of the safety activities during development”. However, it provides little practical guidance on what form such an argument might take. We have been heavily involved in an initiative by The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) to develop a set of guidelines for the development of an automotive safety argument in the context of ISO 26262. We are now able to offer this experience and insight to external delegates ahead of the publishing of these guidelines in late 2018.

  • Price: £500  (+VAT) per delegate
  • Course dates: 15th May 2019 and 6th November 2019
  • How to book: Book this course on our online shop here.

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This 1-day course includes:

  • In-depth lectures
  • Interactive group work
  • Practical exercises
  • Certificate upon successful completion

The course is aimed at engineers who have practical experience in applying ISO 26262, and have some knowledge of Goal Structuring Notation (GSN), but who have no or little experience in the creation of an explicit automotive safety argument. Course Details The course content will include

  • An introduction to the origin and topic of safety cases;
  • An overview of the role that safety cases play in other domains (e.g. aerospace, defence, nuclear);
  • A brief recap of the safety case requirements of ISO 26262;
  • A recap of the basics of the Goal Structuring Notation (GSN);
  • A description of the MISRA layered argument model and its underlying theory;
  • A worked example on the development of a safety argument;
  • A group exercise to consider what to look for when assessing a safety argument