Engine Noise Test Cell

HORIBA MIRA’s Engine Noise Test Cell (ENTC) allows an engine to be run in a semi-anechoic (non-echoing) environment under the same conditions (speed, load, temperatures) as it would experience in a vehicle. 

This enables noise and vibration measurements to be carried out on and around the engine that would not be possible in the vehicle due to space in a typical engine-bay. Tests can also be carried at consistent and repeatable conditions that would not necessarily be possible in a vehicle.

In a typical installation, the engine and transmission would be mounted on their vehicle mounting system to a rigid frame minimising obstructions around the engine. The intake and exhaust systems, together with the cooling systems, are ducted remotely so as not to interfere with the clear sound field around the engine. This enables accurate measurements to be made of the engine radiated noise in order to understand how this is contributing to the interior and exterior noise of the vehicle in which it is installed.

The facility is ideal for powertrain noise and vibration benchmarking as well as development and also provides the option of carrying out intake noise development if the vehicle intake system is installed on the engine.

A wide range of transducers and analysis systems are available to carry out measurements including laser vibrometery, sound intensity, acoustic holography and binaural head.

  • Test cell size 6.5 x 6.5 x 4.0m
  • 180Hz cut-off frequency for normal incidence sound
  • Temperature control of engine coolant, engine oil, PAS fluid and intercooler
  • 2 dynamometers, 440kW@5500rev/min and 180kW@12000rev/min

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