Crash Test Dummy Certification

HORIBA MIRA Crash Test Dummy Certification Facility offers a full range of services for Anthropomorphic Test devices.

Apart from maintaining and calibrating HORIBA MIRA’s fleet of over 40 crash test dummies, in support of the crash laboratory, HyGe laboratory and HAVOC open air crash facility, dummy certification maintains and calibrates, plus hires out crash test dummies for many external test facilities and organisations.

The Crash Test Dummy Certification Facility being capable of calibrating the full range of crash test dummies to all current legislative requirements and consumer test protocols in its environmentally controlled calibration facility. With a full stock of dummy spare parts a rapid turn round in dummy calibration is ensured to maximise dummy availability for both internal and external crash and sled test programmes.

All instrumentation used in the calibration facility and within HORIBA MIRA’s own crash test dummies, are calibrated in HORIBA MIRA’s on-site calibration facility, again to ISO 17025 and all other major International Standards.

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