Climatic Wind Tunnels

HORIBA MIRA has two state-of-the-art climatic wind tunnels.

These facilities allow our customers to test their products under a wide range of wind speeds while exposed to different global environmental conditions. This enables customers’ development time-scales to be further compressed, delivering ‘right-first-time’ products into markets faster and more cost-effectively than their competitors. 

The climatic wind tunnels can simulate a wide range of environmental conditions with the added advantages of full solar spectrum simulation, humidity control, chassis dynamometer, hot road simulation, snow generation and tailpipe exhaust emissions. CWT One’s integrated soak room allows pre-conditioning of multiple vehicles to maximise the use of the test chamber.

The climatic wind tunnels are used by our customers for development and validation testing of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), powertrain cooling, military habitability trials, snow packing/ingestion testing, climatic exhaust emissions, defrost/demist testing, hot fuel handling, cold start and driveability and a whole range of general environmental testing. Use of the climatic wind tunnels allows our customers to do everything they could do with in-territory testing but with the added advantages of guaranteed, repeatable conditions and lower overall development costs. 

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