Advanced Battery Development Suite (ABDS)

Our state-of-the-art Advanced Battery Development Suite (ABDS) provides advanced capability for testing: cells, modules and high voltage battery packs.

This includes EMC testing for high voltage battery packs and plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle charging systems.

The state-of-the-art facilities provide high accuracy measurement of cell performance and characteristics, as well as capability to test the latest high-performance battery systems to the peak of their operational capabilities.

We have been a leader in automotive battery testing and engineering, providing comprehensive battery engineering and testing services to our global customer base for the past 10 years. This latest investment ensures our customers continue to have access to the cutting-edge in battery testing technology.

HORIBA MIRA also offers a comprehensive range of battery test services including regulatory testing such as UN ECE Reg. 38.3, Reg 100 and Reg 10 (EMC) plus mechanical, thermal and electrical testing up to and beyond operational limits.

Benefits of our service:

  • High-resolution cell characterisation
  • High-performance battery pack testing
  • HiL testing for battery management systems, powertrain controllers and high-voltage components
  • Cell / Module environmental chamber
  • Plug-in vehicle and battery EMC testing
  • Advanced Asset Protection System
  • Secure, confidential test centre

This facility, combined with our world-class battery systems engineering and consultancy service, provides a centre of excellence for electrification technology, enabling our customers to realise their next generation of class-leading products. For more information please download our full brochure here.

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