Road Load Data and Analysis

Our highly experienced team specialise in all aspects of vehicle instrumentation, data collection and data analysis ensuring that information is available to designers, modellers and analysts.

Typical work undertaken includes:

  • General road load data collection
  • Rig drive signal collection/derivation/acceleration
  • Durability analysis
  • Failure investigation and solution design/prototyping
  • Cause and effect investigation
  • Remote data collection (customer usage collection/long-term logging)
  • Analysis of customer data
  • Independent trials/test monitoring
  • Data verification and repair

A wide spectrum of data analysis is undertaken enabling us to turn bulk data in to information to inform and guide the customer to a solution. These include:

  • Basic signal statistics
  • Power/amplitude spectraData acquisition equipment.
  • Range mean cycle counting
  • Frequency analysis
  • Fatigue editing
  • Fatigue life analysis/prediction
  • Powertrain analysis

RLDA – Correlation of Durability tests with global markets

We are world renowned for the development of correlated durability cycles, representative of specific market usage profiles.

Durability test cycles can be created for vehicles from multiple market sectors including:

  • Passenger car
  • Heavy and light commercial vehicles
  • Off-highway

These cycles underpin the Integrated Durability Process (Link to IDE) ensuring the design, simulation, validation and sign off is appropriate and representative of the intended market.

We have experience in the development of durability cycles representative of a wide range of global markets including:

  • China
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • South America

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