Noise Vibration Harshness

We provide NVH engineering services both in-territory and from our comprehensive UK facilities. We successfully deliver attribute development for global customers, ranging from OEM’s through to tier 1’s and individual component suppliers.

We provide services through the entire development cycle from concept design, through attribute development & legislative testing.

We use internally developed engineering methodologies coupled with globally leading test facilities to deliver programmes for customers from all industries and sectors. Our expertise covers:

  • Concept definition
  • Benchmarking, target setting, DNA development
  • Powertrain & Driveline integration
  • Road and Wind Noise development
  • Ride comfort
  • Sound quality
  • Body development
  • Testing
  • Simulator model generation
  • Prototype attribute development

We use a suite of development facilities including:

  • Semi anechoic chassis dynamometer
  • Engine noise test cell
  • Modal test lab
  • Fully anechoic chamber
  • B&K noise simulator
  • Binaural head microphones
  • Laser vibrometer

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