Durability Testing – Full Vehicle

We provide Proving Ground Based Durability Testing.

We offer turn-key support to our customers to deliver full vehicle durability and reliability tests in the following areas:

  • Structural durability
  • Driveline durability
  • High speed and extended running tests
  • Robustness and abuse testing
  • Quality sign off

Our extensive proving ground offers a comprehensive range of durability inputs and surfaces; we offer our customers a turnkey solution, integrated with their reporting requirements, to complete all elements of their full vehicle durability verification plan.

Public Road Based Durability Testing In addition to proving ground-based testing, w provide services to accumulate mileage under real-world use conditions on public roads. Test routes are chosen to provide the appropriate mix of usage to match the vehicle usage profile encompassing motorway, city, hills and country driving. We have routes established in the UK, Europe, China, Australia and the USA.

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