Passive Safety

Our safety development capability combines state-of-the-art test facilities with engineering expertise.

This allows us to deliver the very best services for the automotive, rail, aerospace and military sectors.

With a crash lab, a Highway Safety and Protection of Infrastructure Test Centre, HyGe sled, gravity sled, pedestrian impact rigs, numerous component testing rigs and a comprehensive suite of computer simulation tools, our team provide a comprehensive Passive Safety test service from one location.

With our safety experts, we can develop vehicles and sub-systems, from bespoke test design for unique test pieces to routine testing of global Regulatory and Consumer Testing Protocols, to safety integration programmes delivering turnkey vehicle safety solutions. We can provide every facet of Passive Safety Development and Engineering.

Moreover, we are continually investing to deliver to the changing demands of the industry and as a result, develop our capabilities and expertise. A recent introduction being the capability to develop and test safety systems for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our safety experts can also provide safety test facility audits, for process and capability requirements, to ensure the highest quality and assurance of testing and output to contemporary Protocols, as well as advising on future proofing for next generation requirements.

All this is possible through continual investment in state of the art facilities and equipment, and our dedicated staff and their safety development expertise.

Following the completion of a corrosion test, we can perform a detailed full body teardown to assess the level of corrosion penetration experienced.

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