We provide benchmarking engineering services both in-territory and from our comprehensive UK facilities.

We successfully deliver benchmarking for global customers, ranging from OEM’s through to tier 1’s and individual component suppliers.

HORIBA MIRA uses internally developed engineering methodologies, coupled with globally leading test facilities to deliver programmes for customers from all industries and sectors. Capabilities include:-

  • Subjective assessment – Multiple attributes
  • Attribute objective measurement & assessment
  • Competitor product analysis – Design, layout, packaging, feature content
  • Market-specific product assessment
  • Cross-sector design variation assessment
  • Virtual performance prediction and correlation
  • Objective performance definition
  • Correlation to customer data
  • Press and media report analysis
  • Performance target setting

We operate across a broad range of markets and sectors including:

  • UK, Europe, Turkey, China, India, Korea, America’s
  • Passenger and commercial vehicles, military,

We use a variety of on-site test facilities & equipment to characterise:

  • Static and dynamic full vehicle performance
  • System & sub-system level performance
  • Component level performance
  • Kinematic and Compliance rig
  • Body torsion & bending rig
  • ABD Steering Robot
  • Advance battery development suite
  • Thermo fluids Laboratory

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