Thermal Management

Accurate simulation models for bespoke thermal management projects.

HORIBA MIRA’s thermal engineering group can adapt to each unique customer vision, thanks to investment in sophisticated new technologies. We recognise the importance of thermal system design as a key attribute to maximize the energy efficiency of electric vehicles. Advanced solutions for Heat Pump systems, Cabin HVAC and battery control all contribute to full vehicle benefits.

The holistic approach to Full Vehicle Thermal Management is possible thanks to wide-ranging testing and simulation capabilities in Thermofluids systems. Bespoke products can be developed and validated using combinations of numerical tools, thermal analysis and system/vehicle validation and testing.

Analyses and testing capabilities include:

  • External Aerodynamic and front-end cooling airflow
  • Under-bonnet/underfloor thermal management
  • Powertrain cooling circuit analysis
  • EV/HEV battery pack and power electronics cooling
  • Cabin thermal comfort
  • HVAC System development
  • HVAC duct pressure drop analysis/flow optimization
  • HVAC cabin interior airflow distribution
  • Full thermal system management development
  • Benchmarking

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