HORIBA MIRA offers a number of cutting edge engineering/consultancy/validation activities around automotive electrification.

HORIBA MIRA has successfully designed, developed and validated multiple EV programs using a variety of specialised skill sets and tools.

HORIBA MIRA’s Energy Efficiency (EE) team follow the established V-Cycle development path to offer a Holistic approach to EV projects and Battery Systems.


Simulation and Design

At HORIBA MIRA we use advanced electrical, thermal and mechanical modelling and simulation tools to design efficient, safe and robust battery packs. HM provide consultancy to both new entrants and established OEMs across the world on a variety of vehicle applications, both on-road and off-road


HORIBA MIRA offer prototype and low volume module/pack build assembly services both for battery systems designed by us and also 3rd party designed batteries. HORIBA MIRA offers a full integration service from procurements of cells, cell welding, to electrical harness build and mechanical assembly. Utilising the knowledge in-house HORIBA MIRA is able to produce low volumes of packs (1-50) for prototype/niche applications.

Battery Management Systems

HORIBA MIRA has designed Battery Management Software which has been developed through a range of projects including passenger vehicles, defence, electric buses and other commercial vehicles. Our BMS software can be licenced through a number of flexible commercial avenues depending on the customer requirement.



HORIBA MIRA offers the in-house capability to test and validate batteries according to the customer’s requirements.

  • Development – The new cutting edge ABDS (Advanced Battery Development Suite) gives MIRA the capability to characterise cell and module performance at very high precision. 
  • Validation – Our Facilities in Quattro Park in Essex offer a range of battery test services from legislation reviews to creation of test specifications to independent battery validation.


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