Automotive technology that enhances Defence sector capabilities.

HORIBA MIRA’s extensive expertise in developing automotive technology for the defence sector has made us one of the leading independent engineering companies in the world.

Our services cover all aspects of the vehicle development process, from whole vehicle and systems design, through to integration, testing and certification.

Our automotive expertise in cutting-edge technologies such as hybrid systems, cybersecurity and autonomy developed in the civil sector, has also been applied to Defence programmes, providing our customers with low-risk engineering solutions.

Globally-renowned test facilities

HORIBA MIRA offers comprehensive programmes with integrated testing, benefitting from access to an extensive range of major test facilities that include EMC, climate chambers, vibration testing facilities, vehicle dynamics facilities and a comprehensive proving ground with over 100km of different tracks and features.

By partnering with HORIBA MIRA, clients also have the benefits of their own secure workshops and associated office space, secure facilities and IT networks accredited by the UK MoD, together with extensive subject matter expertise in all areas of vehicle technology thanks to our many related divisions.

Our defence engineering customer base includes many leading names. For example UK MoD, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Rheinmetall and NP Aerospace.

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