EU eCall Type Approval

HORIBA MIRA can provide a fully comprehensive testing service for Europe’s in-vehicle 112 emergency call service.

EU eCall Type Approval is now mandatory for new types of light vehicle in Europe. As a Technical Service of Dutch Approval Authority, RDW, HORIBA MIRA is able to offer a test and certification service for both vehicle and eCall Separate Technical Unit (STU) manufacturers. We can also provide certification testing with a third-party witness, as selected by the manufacturer.

The requirements for the EU type approval of eCall for vehicles and STU are contained within the following three published EU Regulations:

  • EU No. 2015/758 – Type-approval requirements for the deployment of the eCall
  • EU No. 2017/79 – Detailed technical requirements and test procedures
  • EU No. 2017/78 – Administrative provisions for the EC type-approval

HORIBA MIRA can also offer development testing to both vehicle and eCall STU manufacturers looking to refine or determine compliance of their bespoke systems/installations.

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