HORIBA MIRA Apprenticeship Q&A

Chantelle Michel - Marketing Apprentice

Chantelle joined the team in 2015 and is studying for her Level 3 Apprenticeship in Marketing at South Leicestershire College.

What made you choose an apprenticeship?
When I left school I wanted to continue to develop my skills and knowledge whilst gaining vital working experience, so doing an apprenticeship was the perfect option for me.

Why did you choose to do your apprenticeship at HORIBA MIRA?
HORIBA MIRA is a world-class organisation and well-respected within the automotive industry. I felt that I could learn so many new skills and really develop as a person and create a career for myself at HORIBA MIRA.

How did you prepare for the application and interview process?
I ensured my CV was fully up to date before applying. I did a bit of research into the company; how it was formed, the services it offers etc. I also thought about different interview questions and formed an idea of what I would say during the interview

What made you interested in choosing marketing as a career?
I chose this department based on the skills I already had and the skills I wanted to develop. The projects and tasks involved in marketing are also really interesting to me.

What do you enjoy most about working at HORIBA MIRA?
I enjoy working with different departments on projects and finding out about all the different things going on at HORIBA MIRA, whether it’s in Safety, Research and Build or Defence etc. it’s all really interesting. What I also like is that no day is the same at HORIBA MIRA, there’s so much variety and so much to learn.

What is an average day like for you at HORIBA MIRA?
It’s quite difficult to describe an ‘average’ day for me. My tasks vary on a daily basis from market research, posting press releases onto the website and social media, to organising the events we go to and ordering branded items.

What has been the most beneficial aspect of this apprenticeship for you?
The most beneficial aspect of the apprenticeship for me is being able to experience so much and learn so many new skills. I feel I’ve grown a lot as a person and have really started to build a career.

Is there anything about doing an apprenticeship at HORIBA MIRA that surprised you?
The level of support from staff across multiple departments has surprised me. Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful and supportive of my apprenticeship. I think it has been really useful to have that support and knowledge that the staff have provided. Their support has really benefited me in my current role and I’m sure the information I have learnt from them will continue to benefit me throughout my career at HORIBA MIRA.

The other thing that I really like is the apprentice community. We all meet each month and discuss what we’re doing at work and at college, and talk about the different internal projects that we can get involved with as a group. It’s nice being able to meet and speak with others in the same situation as you and grow friendships within work.

Where would you like your career to go from here?
I’m really enjoying working in the Marketing department so I’d like to have a full time position within the team once I’ve finished my apprenticeship.

What advice would you give to a young person considering an apprenticeship?
I would tell anyone looking at apprenticeships to think about what they enjoy doing, the kind of environment they want to work in and what they want to gain from an apprenticeship. And when the right apprenticeship comes along, go for it!