Careers in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

What is Electrical and Electronics Engineering?

The terms electrical and electronics engineering are often used interchangeably but there are some distinct differences:

  • Electrical engineers focus on designing, maintaining or improving products that are powered by or produce electricity
  • Electronics engineers generally focus on products that use electricity as a power source for their products

In an automotive context, an electronics engineer would design a vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and an electrical engineer would design the Electrical Distribution System (EDS) that supplies power to the ECU.

We specialise in the development of products and systems for the rapidly growing market of electrical and hybrid vehicles. Our electrical and electronics engineers design high and low voltage systems using high voltage batteries, inverters and motors across a broad range of products.

Our hardware design and consultancy services include:
  • Vehicle electrical systems design and validation
  • Electrical/electronic systems fault analysis and troubleshooting
  • Hybrid electrical vehicle power system and design
  • Electronics design including
  • PCB schematics and layout

Working to a wide-range of legislative and industry standards, the Electrical and Electronics team (as part of a
cross-functional project team) work on products across a range of sectors that include automotive, military, and

Employment Case Study

Simon Dunnett - Team Leader, Electrical & Electronics

Originally from Manchester, Simon relocated to the West Midlands to pursue his career in engineering and has spent many years working for some of the UK’s leading automotive firms.

Simon had an early passion for engineering and recalls spending time as a child taking things apart to see how they worked. This interest took him to the University of Liverpool to complete a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but on moving into the workplace he found that his passion was in Systems Engineering.

With a varied career path, moving to us has now enabled Simon to move into team development.

He said: “I enjoy getting under the skin of what motivates the team and working out how to inspire them and help them develop. It is extremely rewarding, from watching junior members of the team progress to where they want to be in the business, to ensuring that colleagues with more than 50 years of experience still experience fresh challenges. Every day brings a new task.”

Within his role as team leader, Simon’s prime objective is to motivate his growing team to take control of their own development, and he believes that we are well placed to do this.

Simon said: “There is something unique about HORIBA MIRA – it has a real community feel and offers a strong support network.” I actively encourage my team members to be empowered and take responsibility for their own career goals, giving them the flexibility to progress with the support of the business. This is balanced by investment from the business with training and new opportunities, both in support of personal and wider business objectives, and with the company vision, which is instilled in each and every staff member.

“As a team leader, I am constantly on the lookout for prospects that will help my team members achieve their goals and for challenges that will take them out of their comfort zones in order to give them the opportunity to grow and flourish into world-class engineers. I believe this approach has been instrumental in ensuring that we attract and retain the best talent in the industry and that we continue to deliver cutting edge solutions for our customers.

HORIBA MIRA is constantly pushing the boundaries and knowing that you are working on innovations that are five, 10 or 20 years away from coming to market is something that I take great satisfaction from.”

Though he is in charge of inspiring and motivating his own team, Simon’s own career path is not forgotten, and he is also encouraged by his line manager to take the same ownership of his personal goals.

“Team leadership is where I want to be,” said Simon. “My wide and varied background in systems engineering means I understand the daily challenges and tasks of my team, but I am more focused on leadership of the team than delivery. I am ambitious to grow in my current role and I’m supports in this prospect.”