Armed forces Covenant

As a business, we have long employed veterans and reservists, in addition to civilians.

We have officially pledged our commitment to supporting Armed Forces personnel into the civilian workforce having signed the Armed Forces Covenant.

Through the official Covenant, we will continue to harness the unique capabilities and skills veterans and reservists acquire through working in the military, particularly experience with technology yet to be used by civilians. Technological innovation in the military is often ahead of the curve – and we will be able to benefit from these advanced skill sets and knowledge, as well as supporting Armed Forces personnel in securing civilian employment. George Gillespie OBE, Executive Chairman, said: “Our pledge is recognition of MIRA’s continued support of those who have served and are currently serving in the military. The Armed Forces Covenant means that we can bring new skills and talent into our business which is key as we continue to look to recruit staff across all levels.

Armed Forces veterans and reservists have a unique understanding of the challenges facing the transport sector, and being able to harness this talent by supporting veterans as they move into civilian life is hugely beneficial for both parties.” In addition to employing Armed Forces veterans, we work closely with the defence industry, spanning its testing and engineering consultancy. This includes supporting the British Ministry of Defence and its suppliers on programmes such as Panama, our Modular Autonomous Control Equipment (MACE) route proving and clearing system. The technology allows intelligent UGVs to be operated in both tele-op and autonomous modes up to 2km away in the detection of IEDs.

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