Careers at HORIBA MIRA

Developing the best talent via stimulating career pathways is crucial to HORIBA MIRA’s outlook.

As our facilities and engineering capabilities continue to evolve, so too do our teams of dedicated individuals who contribute in so many varied but crucial ways.

We believe that strong investment in developing suitable candidates for future careers is essential, so we’re always looking at making as many exciting opportunities as we can available.

Interesting opportunities become available all the time, so keep an eye on them here.

There are many diverse skillsets our organisation has benefitted from which have flourished based on our positive work culture, strong sense of teamwork and collaboration and values that talent from all backgrounds can buy into.

A career at HORIBA MIRA can also often include a range of benefits such as reward packages and additional lifestyle and financial incentives.

Employees who develop their skillsets with us do so in environments featuring the most advanced engineering test facilities for energy efficiency and electrification, security product testing and safety systems engineering, self-mobility and autonomous vehicle technology, vehicle resilience, cybersecurity and defence.

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