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We have developed a range of Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) systems, including bespoke platforms, such as the MACE series of vehicles, or vehicle conversions, depending on customer requirements.

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MACE 3 utilises the highly reliable Landrover Defender chassis, and incorporates our latest UGV control system, enabling versatile tele-operational as well as autonomous modes. MACE 3 was designed to support defence and security applications for a range of operational missions including assisted load carriage, perimeter protection and to counter improvised explosive devices (IED)

The platform meets the demanding defence standards and has been tested exhaustively on our dedicated UGV proving ground/test tracks. It is fully supported and NATO codified and is currently undergoing extensive trials with the UK MoD.

MACE 3 has the following basic features:

  • Land Rover Defender chassis (all wheelbase variants)
  • Driver position maintained if required
  • Distributed UGV control architecture employing MIRA functional safety strategy
  • Two-tonne payload capability
  • Medium mobility terrain performance
  • 50 kph maximum speed

The platform is compliant against the following specifications:

  • Def Stan 59/411 – EMC
  • Def Stan 0035 – Environmental Testing
  • Def Stan 61-5 – Electrical Power Supplies


Initially designed to support our UGV research programme, the MACE 2 series is a versatile, lightweight and highly mobile platform, and has enabled our research team to conduct an array of advanced UGV systems development. MACE 2 has been an extremely successful platform, with a high level of reliability and availability to the User, outperforming most platforms in its class. It has been heavily used to develop the command and control systems as well as the autonomous systems available on MACE 3. MACE 2 has the following basic features:

  • Lightweight tubular frame with excellent torsional rigidity properties
  • Centrally-mounted TD4 100kw turbo-diesel engine with auto transmission
  • Distributed UGV control architecture employing MIRA Functional Safety Strategy
  • One tonne payload capability
  • Improved medium mobility terrain performance
  • 80 kph maximum speed