Electromagnetic Field Exposure

HORIBA MIRA identifies and minimises potential health risks.

  • New health and safety issues relating to electromagnetic field exposure arise from automotive trends such as increasing wireless connectivity, wider use of radar sensors, electrification of vehicle powertrain and wireless power transfer. The physiological effects and exposure metrics that are involved vary in different frequency ranges. Related aspects include threats to active and passive medical implants. Electromagnetic field exposure risks are best minimized by a combination of

    HORIBA MIRA’s EMF specialists are active members of:

    • BSI GEL 106: Human exposure to low frequency and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation
    • IEC TS 62764-1 ED1: Measurement procedures of magnetic field levels generated by electronic and electrical equipment in the automotive environment with respect to human exposure
    • IEC 63184 ED1: Basic standard for the assessment of the human exposure to electric and magnetic fields from wireless power transfer systems – models, instrumentation, numerical methods and procedures (Frequency range of 1 kHz to 10 MHz)
    • CENELEC TC 106x WG 20: Reasonably foreseeable use

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