Unmanned Ground Vehicle Test Area

HORIBA MIRA has built an exclusive use unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) proving ground at our main site in the Midlands which is used extensively for our own systems development.

Key features of the proving ground include approximately 4km of test tracks with various features designed to allow engineers to push these military vehicles to their limits.

Key features of this military proving ground include:

  • Test hills
  • Positive and negative obstacles
  • Complex bend radii
  • Non-line of sight testing
  • Urban area
  • Fully integrated elevated control room with line of sight of the whole UGV proving ground

The UGV proving ground offers dedicated safe and secure test track location for all our UGV development.  It also allows HORIBA MIRA to offer its customers UGV operator training in a safe and controlled environment.


  • Test and development of UGVs in a safe and secure setting
  • Suitable for remotely operated and autonomous applications
  • Non-line of sight tests
  • Obstacle detection systems
  • GPR testing

Facility Description

  • Main circuit constructed of crushed concrete
  • Elevated test area constructed of crushed stone
  • Large concrete surface for vehicle manoeuvres and lane change tests
  • Small test hills
  • Wading pool
  • Office and comfort facilities located on site

Contact Us.

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