Mobility Campus and Proving Ground

Comprehensive proving ground for developing and validating smart technology.

HORIBA MIRA’s unique facilities allow manufacturers to understand the environments in which vehicles operate as much as they understand the vehicle itself. Consequently, the most advanced vehicles for electronic data capture will be developed within the most extensive and purpose-built testing facilities.

Every kind of global driving challenge can be trialled and met in complete safety and security, thanks to our benchmark 750-acre site and expanding Technology Park.

Electric vehicles will soon become a regular addition to our urban areas, with Smart Mobility poised to transform everyday life.

Without the best testing facilities and accreditation partner, the most exciting innovations and advances will struggle to make the forefront of the market before a better-resourced competitor overtakes you. HORIBA MIRA’s reputation is based on making sure that doesn’t happen, ensuring that the most pioneering vehicle developments are fully researched and validated, meeting all required safety and security concerns.

HORIBA MIRA has invested in the talent and resources to ensure our clients are well-poised to become credited for leading the way. Supportive development and simulated tests for validating your products in a virtual world make this possible.

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