CAV Engineering Consultancy

Connected and autonomous vehicles are the result of the automotive sector converging with the digital industries, transport infrastructure providers and users to provide innovative products and services within an intelligent transport environment.

HORIBA MIRA provide an independent voice to address the complex development challenges of these increasingly technology-dense vehicles.

It is expected that the verification requirements for connected and autonomous vehicles will far exceed regulatory requirements – HORIBA MIRA can support in the development, verification and validation of these vehicles at all stages:

  • Define – Requirements capture
  • Design – System integration
  • Build – Production of prototype vehicles
  • Validate – Simulation and physical test of real-world vehicle scenarios
  • Test – Final verification of the systems

HORIBA MIRA operate in multiple industry sectors to deliver commercial projects to aid our customers in the development of autonomous systems.

Our commercial capabilities are underpinned by extensive internal, collaborative and commercial research and development activities. A key part of our long-term research strategy is looking beyond the next generation technologies and designing solutions to ensure that deployment of automated and cooperative vehicles will scale effectively.

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