Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

With road transport accounting for more than 90% of UK domestic mobility, the requirement for safe, secure and environmentally friendly transport has never been greater.

HORIBA MIRA has been involved in the development of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles for over 15 years and in that time has been involved in pioneering research programmes, development of purpose-built test facilities around the world and is now helping to bring these emerging technologies into the mainstream automotive environment.

Our independent experts draw upon unparalleled vehicle engineering experience to solve transport sustainability challenges. By helping our clients in the automotive sector to develop connected and autonomous vehicles, we’re making sure journeys of the future are safer, efficient and more convenient.

Our goal is focused on validating systems to ensure product integrity and that they are functionally fit for purpose, by following recognisable systems engineering frameworks.

Our supportive role allows for simulated tests of huge size and scale, all of which serve to validate your vehicle in a virtual world. We understand that the vehicle is no longer the sole focus for self-driving vehicle development, but the focus is instead on the environment in which that vehicle operates. By applying HORIBA MIRA’s expertise, our clients can be certain their products are functional and fit for purpose as they approach their market.

Our system validation also means you’ll receive quality advice in relation to overcoming policy and regulation headaches, as certification remains a key area of our expertise. We understand that technology always develops quicker than regulation and so focus a great deal of time and resources on making sure our service remains informed regarding any pitfalls and delays that might be unavoidable with a less informed approach.

Companies developing the most innovative products around do not deserve to lose their market because of regulation or accreditation delays. A partnership with HORIBA MIRA makes sure this doesn’t happen.

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