Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Systems

MIRA collaborated in developing the technology for Limo Green.

MIRA has developed hybrid vehicle technology for applications including; commercial vehicles, passenger cars, high performance sports-cars, luxury limousines and defence vehicles.

Key to the success of each application is the hybrid and electric vehicle team’s experience and systems modelling capabilities enabling them to determine the most appropriate system architecture:

  • EV only
  • Series-hybrid
  • Parallel-hybrid
  • Range-extended / plug-in hybrid
  • Combined (power-split) hybrid
  • Micro-hybrid / integrated starter generator

MIRA Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies

MIRA has developed bests in class smart technologies specifically for hybrid and electric vehicles, including:

  • Advanced battery systems
  • Optimised auxiliary power units
  • Integrated drivetrain systems
  • Electric chassis systems

Together, shaping journeys for another 140 years.

MIRA has developed a niche offer within the automotive sector and has an exceptional pool of engineering capabilities. We are looking forward to building on this success and investing in MIRA's long-term vision; working together to build on our collective research and development capabilities.

Atsushi Horiba, Chairman, President and CEO of HORIBA
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